Here you can register for the Cologne Junior Cup  2019 (KJSTM). Please choose one of these options.

Prefered Method

The registration can be done directly via This online registration costs 8€  per player / discipline.

Manual Registration

You can use the following form for registration of players.
An additional handling fee of 1€ will be charged for each Player/Discipline for the manual registration

manual registration

Gender Player: malefemale

Hometown is Cologne: yesno

Versatility tournament: yesno

Single: yesno

Double: yesno

Mixed: yesno

I agree, that the registration is obligatory. A free cancellation is only possible until the 24th of May. This registration will cost 8 € plus 1€ handling fee per player and discipline.

I agree saving my here submitted data to fulfil the registration for the tournament.